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Professional Engineer with expertise in engineering mechanics, uncertainty analysis, and smart structures.

UQ Engineering provides unique engineering services that fuse advanced material and structural modeling with uncertainty analysis and graph theoretic methodologies to support next generation engineering design. We also design and develop smart structures and intelligent systems for compact actuators, sensors, and integrated electronics.  This provides quantified levels of confidence of high and low fidelity solutions that are clouded in uncertainty.  Examples of such uncertainty may include the quantum or molecular state of a material, distributions of defects, error propagation from atoms to continuum properties, boundary conditions of a structure, among many others.  We provide novel computational methods to quantify and judge uncertainty within engineering models and experiments to help make decisions about an engineering design.

The President and CEO, William S. Oates, has a PhD in mechanical engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology, a Professional Engineering license in North Carolina, and post doctorate research in mathematics from North Carolina State University.  His expertise includes over 15 years of experience in engineering mechanics, adaptive structures, nonlinear control, and uncertainty analysis.  This includes expertise in modeling ceramics, metals, and polymer materials and structures.  His background includes industrial experience in the communications and automotive industries.  He has extensive consulting experience from working with large corporations and start-up companies in both the private sector and military applications.  Successful research programs have been developed in the field of smart materials and adaptive structures supported by DARPA, the Air Force Office of Scientific Research, the National Science Foundation, and the Department of Energy.  More information about his research can be found here.


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